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Superhero Contest Entry Voting! August 16, 2010

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Alrighty, HDI family. Here are our entries for the Superhero contest. Vote for your favorite, tell your friends and family to come vote, too!

Mark Fitzgerald

A regular joe by day and a superhero by night – that sums it up.  But what is a regular joe?  Multitasking all day long, triple booked, and running until you are tired.  That is what being at the help desk is all about.  But where is the superhero?  He comes out at night full of energy, ready to wrestle, teach, play, clean and comfort.  Superpowers included knowing all, seeing all and being all.  If a parent isn’t a superhero I don’t know what is.

Mark Fitzgerald - Superdad!

Brandon Caudle

I can multi-task during those looooong conference calls like there’s no tomorrow.  Because if there really were no tomorrow, I would have to get it all done during the conference call.  Which is today.

Brandon Caudle - Help Desk Superhero

Anthony Martinez – Dr. Fix-it-All

Dr. Fix-it-All is a superhero that can fix any problem relating to computers or any other electronic device such as iPods, printers or fax machines. With a touch of his magical right index finger he can repair any dilemma that the piece of equipment has. And since he can fix broken down equipment, he can also tell when something is out of order by taking a quick glimpse of it with his reveal-the-problem glasses. He also has an antenna sticking out of his head which acts like a radar that is on the outlook for any device that needs fixing. And if you need Dr. Fix-it-All right away, no problem. He will be there in a jiffy because he has speed-of-light shoes that can take him anywhere in a flash. Dr. Fix-it-All is a great superhero that enjoys helping others when electronic help is needed.

Anthony Martinez - Dr. Fix-it-All

Dawn Canfield – Victory

Meet Victory. The perfect help desk employee, she is ready with a listening ear and a stockpile of solutions.

From “lost password” to “no internet connectivity,” no problem is too large or too small for her to handle.

Her superpower: Mind reader. She knows exactly what type and version of software you want installed before you even ask for it. Tell her you need access to “the system” and she knows which one and the proper login credentials for you to use. Amazing!

Dawn Canfield - Victory

Bren Boddy-Thomas – Super Help Desk Manager

Able to leap tall servers in a single bound. Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Super Help Desk Manager! The residents of End User Land are well protected by me and my trusty band of Analysts. My power of x-ray vision can see through any problem and give it a quick diagnose and resolve! We save our residents from plugged toilets, password problems, technical difficulties and the worst ever….Rogue Robbers!!! We do it all!! It’s all in the POWER of being the Single-point-of-contact!

Bren Boddy-Thomas - Super Help Desk Manager

Okey dokey, HDIers! Those are your entries for our superhero contest! Vote for your favorite. Good luck to all of our SUPER awesome entrants! Remember to check out and participate in our other fantastical contests!


3 Responses to “Superhero Contest Entry Voting!”

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  2. Jim Lebo Says:

    To a real HDI Superhero!!

  3. Joe Cyrulik Says:

    Go Mark! Whoo Hoo!

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